Without Fear of Tomorrow

A Prayer


By Larry Henares
(With apologies to Norman Corwin)


LORD GOD of income tax and minimum wages,

Who has feathered the cock against the time of typhoon and powered the Jeepney on faith and scotch tape—do bring sweet influences to bear upon the assembly line; accept the smoke of the factories among the accredited clouds of the sky; lead us not into the arena of world trade as hewers of wood and suppliers of raw material; but give us the time and patience to develop our industrial skills that our nation may survive with dignity among the fittest.

LORD GOD of Mount Sinai and investigating committees,

Whose terrible wrath smote the money changers at the temple—unsheathe once more Thy avenging sword against grafters and political opportunists, unscrupulous landlords and capitalists, dishonest labor leaders and all the economic parasites who fatten their bellies on the fruit of another man’s labor.

LORD GOD of feast and feminine,

Who changed water into wine at Cana— reverse now Thy miracle in our festive towns and barrios; change the Tuba and the Coca-Cola into tears and honest sweat; above all— give him whom You have made in Your image the strength of mind and will to work, the strength of heart and hand to wield the hammer and the plow, that he may eat today without fear of tomorrow…