With Fervor Burning

One of the most phenomenal careers in private enterprise in this country is probably that of Hilarion M. Henares, Jr., presently the Chairman of the economic planning arm of the government, the National Economic Council.

At the age of twenty-five, he was dean of a gradutate school in a university. Before he was thirty, he made his first million as a head of a vast business consortium making no less than 56 products. He is the youngest Chairman of the National Economic Council, and the highest paid cabinet member.

He attended the rigid Jesuit school of Ateneo de Manila where he finished his secondary education. He continued to formalize his education at the University of the Philippines. Later, he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he graduated with a degree in Business and Engineering Administration.

He was former president of the Philippines Chamber of Industries, founder and President of the Association of Management and Industrial Engineers of the Philippines, founder and Vice-President of the Philippine Council of Management, founder and head of Feati Graduate School of Management Engineering, founder and Vice-Dean of the School of Commerce of the Lyceum of the Philippines, President of H. G. Henares and Sons, Inc., President of the Amalgamated Specialties Corporations and others. He has also participated in various world conferences involving trade, finance and economic affairs.