The Moving Finger Writes

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The Moving Finger Writes

ISBN: 978-1502782878

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One of the most beautiful love stories of this generation

Goodnight, Cecilia beloved,

This day is almost done. When the night and morning meet, it will be only an unalterable memory. So let no unkind word; no careless, doubting thought; no guilty secret; no neglected duty; no wisp of jealous fog becloud its passing.

For we belong to each other — to have and to hold — and we are determined not to lose the keen sense of mutual appreciation which God has given us. To have is passive, and will be consummated on our wedding day, but to hold is active and can never be quite finished so long as we both shall live.

As we put our arms around each other in sincere and affectionate token of our deep and abiding love, let us lay aside all disturbing thoughts, all misunderstandings, and all unworthiness. If things have gone awry, let us neither of us lift an accusing finger nor become entangled in the rationalizations of self defense. Who is to blame is not important; only how we shall set the situation right.

And so, serving and being served; loving and being loved; blessing and being blessed; we shall make a happy, peaceful home, where hearts shall never drop their leaves, where we and our children shall learn to face life joyfully, fearlessly, triumphantly, so near as God shall give us grace.

Goodnight, Cecilia beloved.

Dedicated by her husband to the memory of the late Cecilia Lichauco Henares