Sun and Stars Alight

            Thy banner dear to all our hearts

            With sun and stars alight,

            O never shall its shining field

            Be dimmed by tyrants’ might!

                                                                        Philippine National Anthem
                                                                                    English Version



This book is lovingly dedicated to the five women in my life:

My three daughters, gracious Elvira, talented Juno and scholarly Rosanna – who are the true nationalists in the brood;

My wife Cecilia, who is my love and inspiration;

And my mother Concepcion Maramba Henares, in whose wisdom, goodness and love of truth and beauty, lie the destiny that shaped my beginnings

With these words to dwell on:

In the terror-laden blackness
            Of despair that haunts the night,
            There are many who curse the darkness
            And a few who kindle the light.

            And a special dedication to a personal friend, Colonel Severo Santiago whose life is a beacon to all economic nationalists.