Hilarion G. Henares, by E. Tagle, 1963

LIFE WITH FATHER, his times and his contemporaries

1. The Wonder Of My Father
2. My Mother, Concepcion Henares : a story-book Princess
3. Larry Henares:The Early Years
4. The Anatomy Of A Kiss
5. Happy 100th Birthday, San Miguel
6. On Land Reform
7. The Finger Of Presentacion Chioco Changed Our History
8. Credit Cards Make The World Go Around
9. The Messengers Of God
10. Teddyman is Cory’s Goon
11. Shadow of Picasso’s horse and that of an ass
12. Lament of a lonesome lover and a TV viewer
13. Tina Gamboa: The Love Of Pandit Nehru
14. I Love My Wife, Slept With Another
15. We saw Ramos kissing Uncle Sam
16. The Great Sugar Barons Of My Father’s Time
17. Our Youth In Search Of Excellence
18. Hilarion G. Henares Sr., Grandfather
19. The Laughter Of My Father, Larry Henares Jr
20. Where Is My Balisong?
21. Maramba-Primicias Feud
22. That Big Mouth Henares!