You’re On Your Own

Writer(s): Jimmy McHugh, Harold Adamson
With cast from the movie “Higher and Higher”
From the CD Frank Sinatra In Hollywood (1940-1964) Disc 1, track 15

Sinatra [girl, girls] (both)

[who asked you?]

[Know I’m simply mad about you, you’re arsenic to me.]

Sinatra: That romantic moon will help me,
And the stars that shine above.
[But if that old moon won’t help you,]
Then I’ll help myself to love,

[But when it comes to love, you’re on your own.]
(and explore the great unknown,)
(Just you and I together on our own.)
[Really mean we’d talk to flounder, yes we got him on the hook]
[We can only land the bounder, long enough to take him off his book]

[Yes, but when it comes to love, we start from scratch.]

Sinatra: Can’t we fly away together and explore for the great unknown,
(Just you and I together on our own,)
[I’m glad you popped the question,]

(If a lot of busybodies mind their business on their own)
(They are, you see, they want to be alone.)
<’Cause it comes to love, you’re on your own.>

Sinatra: Emelyn, are you sure you know what you’re doing?
If the one you’ve always longed for
Seems to have a heart of stone,
Remember when it’s love you’re on your own.

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