You And Me

Writer(s): Carol Baker Sager / Peter Allen

You and me, we wanted it all, we wanted it all, passion without pain,
Sunshine without rainy day, we wanted it always,
You and me, we reached for the sky even if it was high,
Never giving in, certain we would win our pride,
I should have seen it in your eyes.
Look, how all our dreams come true, you see how I’ve got me and see
How you’ve got you, now, after all just one thing died,
A little thing called love we used to feel inside.
You and me, we’re not like the rest, we were once the best,
Back when we were young, how did we become so smart
And learn to break each other’s heart, ‘cause we almost made it, you and me,
We were not like the rest, we once were the best,
But look what we became, isn’t it a crying shame that we almost made it,
But we wanted it all, baby, you and me, we wanted it all.

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