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What A Swell Party

Writer: Cole Porter
From the movie, “High Society”
Sung by Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra

I have heard among these plants,
You are called the forgotten man
(Is that what they are saying? Well, did you ever…?)
What a swell party this is
And have you heard the story of
A boy, a girl, unrequited love,
(sounds like pure soap opera, I may cry, tune in tomorrow)
What a swell party this is.
What frails, what frocks, (what broads) what furs, what rocks,
(They’re beautiful.) Why, I’ve never seen such gaiety.
(Neither have I)
This French champagne (domestic)
So good for the rain
(That is what I was going to say.)
You know you’re a brilliant fellow.
(Thank you. Drink up, fellow)
But please don’t eat that glass, my friend!
Have you heard about dear Blanche,
Got run down by an avalanche, (No!)
.(Don’t worry, she ‘s a game girl,
Got up to finish fourth, she’s got guts)
(Have a nice time? Yeah I have)
Have you heard of that mincy star
She got pinched in the ass-tor Bar.
(Sauced again, huh? She was stoned!)
Well did you ever? (never!),
What a swell party this is.
(waltz intermezzo, they dance)
(I gotta have a drink, I may have a little of the bubbly myself,)
(Be careful, don’t get hurt)
It’s great, (ah it’s great), it’s grand (so grand),
It’s uh hahahah hahahah da lan….Lalala lalala…labumbum!
We sing (we sing) so rare, like old cavan bear
Like bah bah bah….bubububum!
Don’t dig that kind of crooning, chum!
(You must be one of the newer fellows)
Have you heard it’s in the stars,
Next July we collide with Mars?
Well, l did you ever?
What a swell, a swell party
A swellegant, elegant party this is.
(rhumba intermezzo, they dance)
I drink to your health, nah, let’s drink to your wealth!
You’re my bon ami (hey, that’s French) uh liberte, fraternite.
(fanfare of La Marseilles)
Have your heard it’s in the stars,
Next July we collide with Mars!
Well, did you ever…
What a swell party, a swell party,
Swellegant, elegant party this is.

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