Weep They Will

Writer(s): Bill Carey / Carl Fisher

Weep they will – will the lads down the street
When they find (that) you’re promised to me
Weep they will – as their hearts lose a beat
At the thought you’ll no longer be free
Oh smug, am I – warm and snug, am I, when you’re close in my arms – just like this
It’s so easy to see – they’re jealous of me, there’s so much love – they will miss
Weep they will – at the sound of the news, that we’re seen all over the town
Eyes will fill – but they still will refuse to believe that you’ve turned them all down
I don’t blame them – I don’t blame them, they’ve lost a sweet victory
And (Oh) weep they will – oh weep they will
When they find (that) you’re promised to me

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