Velvet Moon

Writer(s): DeLange / Myrow
(in Sinatra’s broadcast of November 5, 1942, the song was interrupted)
The completed version is by Mel Torme

There’s a satin sky above, dipped in dew, tint of blue, A bed for the velvet moon.
There’s a mountain made of mist, feather bed, tint of red, Caressing the velvet moon.
I see the Milky Way, her negligee, A vision of sheer delight, silvery white
And there upon her breast, a necklace of stars That enchants the night
And as I hold you tightly
I hear music everywhere, symphony, rhapsody To comfort the velvet moon
So that I can gently creep into sleep deep in dreams
And so into the dawning. As the moon dreams above
We two can dream of our love
Here is paradise for two
‘Neath our blue Velvet Moon

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