Writer(s): Sammy Cahn / Jimmy Van Heusen

If the lady’s naughty but proper, if the lady’s chic-er than chic
If her escorts must wear a topper, nnd each man’s the man of the week
If she rides around in a brand new foreign car, the chances are the lady’s a star
If the lady’s utterly charming, if the lady’s chummy with kings
If her whims are close to alarming, and it’s known she’s thrown a few things
If they’ve got a drink with her name in Jilly’s bar, the chances are the lady’s a star
If her smallest party is really expensive, with tons of expensive caviar
If the lady is someone with the same credentials, someone with the same essentials
Someone who is worshipped from afar
She’s a genuine – positive – totally – marvelous – perfectly – wonderful
She’s a (great big, great big) star!

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