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Sam’s Song (with Gary Crosby)

Writer(s): Jack Elliott, Lew Quadling
Sung by Sinatra and (Gary Crosby),

Here’s a happy tune you love to croon, they call it Sam’s Song.
Catchy as can be, the melody, they call it Sam’s Song.
Nothing on your mind, and then you find you’re humming Sam’s Song.
Why, it makes you grin, gets under your skin as only a song can do.
People in the street, the ones you meet, they’re whistling Sam’s Song.
Everyone you see will soon agree that it’s a grand song.
So forget your troubles and wear a smile, you’ll find you’ll never go wrong.
If you learn to croon this happy tune, they call it Sam’s Song.

Now here’s another version of the classic American song brought to you by Mr. Gary Crosby:

Here’s a happy tune
(That will bring you a smile all the while when you croon, it’s really in style),

It’s catchy as can be
(With a slight little beat and the melody sweet, keeps you tapping your feet)

Nothing on your mind,
(But the news of the day and the bills that you must pay keep your hair turning grey, but you’re still)

Why it makes you grin, gets under your skin as only a song can do.
People that you meet
(Hello Joe, what’s you know, remind me the motel business is slow but I’m whistling)
<sam’s song.=””>
Everyone you see
(Has a story to tell or a gimmick to sell but agree that it’s swell and that it’s really)

(Like a lark in the park that is making its mark serenading in the dark, with a chorus of )

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