O’Brien to Ryan to Goldberg

Writer(s): Betty Comden / Adolph Green / Roger Edens
Sung by Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and James Munshin

In the movie “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”

Shall we tell ‘em? Shall we? By all means.
O’Brien to Ryan to Goldberg, what a great double play.
The other team never can get to score,
In every inning, we keep them from winning
Each time that they try for a rowdy
That when we play finesse
Someone’s at first and the game is in doubt,
The guy who’s at bat hits a terrible clout,
The dust clears the way and they’re both of them out,
O’Brien to Ryan to Goldberg.

O’Brien to Ryan to Goldberg
That’s the myth that’s apart.
The crowd in the bleachers are there at dawn,
They greet us royally, the team that is loyal,
The game lasted 17 innings
This was way after dark,
We couldn’t see any thing anymore,
We thought that the crowd
Had gone home good and sore
And then they stood up with a deafening roar
O’Brien to Ryan to Goldberg

Who is the guy who scoops up the ball
And whips it to second base? O’Brien, O’Brien! (Irish jig)
And who is the guy who stands on the pill,
Who perch on an awful place? Ryan, Ryan (English jig))
And who is the guy who tags him at first?
With a pitying look on his face.
Mamie Goldberg’s baby boy, hi, hi, hi
Goldberg, Goldberg, that’s the boy for us
Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi (Russian jig)

My mother always wanted me to play the violin
That dainty little instrument just didn’t fit my chin,
The night of my recital, I played the “sleeve a dew”
When suddenly a voice rang out,
“Hey, throw that can of fish!”
And then a ripe tomato was hurled in rude attack,
I swung my fiddle wildly and batted it right back.
That moment started off my new career
And now the sweetest music to my ear, is

O’Brien to Ryan to Goldberg
That’s they all come to be,
Short stop to second and then to first
Just One Two Three, oh, the unholy trio,
The way that we move on the diamond,
It’s just sheer poetry
Winning the game from the fringe of a fall,
It’s just all for one and it’s just one for all
The Three Musketeers of the bat and the ball
O’Brien (hey) to Ryan (hey) to Goldberg (hey, hey)

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