No Can Do

Writer(s): Charles Tobias / Nat Simon
Originally made famous by Guy Lombardo
From the Album Live Duets 1943-47

Boy (girl) [both]
No can do, no can do, my mama and my papa say I no can do.
No can do, no can do, I want for me to go with you but no can do.
(You like me, I like you, I like for you to Romeo your Julie-yoo,)
(No can do, no no no can do, my mammy and my pappy say I no can do.)
(The moon she say to me, come on, come out tonight,)
(I want for you to hold my hand and hold me tight,)
Love, it can’t be wrong and so it must be right, but oh
No can do, no can do, I like to do it. what you call it, pitch the woo,
(No can do, no can do, my mammy and my pappy say I no-oo can do.)

No can do, no can do, I’d like to put some weight on, just a pound or two,
No can do no can do,
(If you could put some weight on, Frankie, you’d see-through)
(Is this true?> Is what true? Could be true, could be true,
But don’t tell Haynes or Como ‘cause they’re apt to sue.
(Now I got a question you might think unfair)
Ask me anything my dear, I don’t care.
(Well, how much do you pay those guys to muss your hair?)
Well, I pay them about… what?
(Ooh you like me and I like you,)
(So how’s about it, Frankie, when the show is through)
Uhuh, no can do, no can do, Nancy’s very jealous so
[We no can do! Nancy’s very jealous so we no can do]

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