Man With The Golden Arm, The

Writer(s): Jimmy Van Huesen, Sammy Cahn
To promote the movie “Man With The Golden Arm”
From the CD Frank Sinatra In Hollywood (1940-1964) Disc 5, track 2

He makes his own drinks, his own paradise,
But paradise is just a false alarm.
And no one’s really sadder than
The man with the golden arm.
He buys every thrill and pays any price,
And thinks he’s having fun, and what’s the harm,
He’s following the devil’s plan,
The man with the golden arm.
What is that strange desire that sets his soul afire,
The hopeless need for it that makes him plead for it,
The wall starts closing in, the room begins to spin,
There’s no escape and there’s no friend,
How did start, where will it end,
The ending is clear, and not very nice,
A nameless grave beside some prison farm.
There is no story sadder than
The man with the golden arm.
But there’s a chance that he can shake the misery,
That if he’s strong enough, and fights it long enough.
The ones who do are rare, with some hope and pray’r,
The nightmare’s starting, but so’s the end,
You’ll find the sun and walk among men,
And gone are the dreams, the fool’s paradise,
The heaven that was just a false alarm,
And no one’s really gladder than
The man with the golden arm,
The man with the golden arm.

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