Man In the Looking Glass, The

Writer(s): Howard

I’ve seen that face before that face that I see in the mirror
I know that face, I’ve seen that face before
I knew that dopey guy, when he didn’t know how to tie his tie
He stood right there and he had hair galore
The man in the looking glass, who can he be?
The man in the looking glass can he possibly be me
Where’s our young Romeo, the lad who used to sigh
Who’s the middle age Lothario, with the twinkle in his eye
He seem so much wiser now, less lonely but then
Could be he’s only pretending again
Man in the looking glass smiling away, how’s your sacroiliac today
Where’s your first love affair, that tragedy d’amour
The true love you thought would be the end of you for sure
The man in the looking glass have no regrets
The man who’s wise never forgets
That life is worth living if once in a while
You can look in that looking glass and smile

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