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Jimmy Valentine

Tony RomeWriter(s):
From the DVD video “Sinatra: A Man And His Music 1” track 9
With Ella Fitzgerald

Frank: Do you think they got anything like this?
Look out, look out, look out for Jimmy Valentine
He’s a pal of mine, a sentimental snook, er crook
Good old Jimmy Valentine, I wonder whatever happened to him?
Ella: Oh he has a whole new look, debonaire, suave, and he is the star of a new movie, starring Frank Sinatra.
Frank: Is that so? Good old Frank Sinatra. I wonder whatever happened to him.
Ella: Oh I don’t know. Just lives quietly now. Never hear much about him. You know, but, uh, Tony Rome…
Frank: Oh, he’s a cat. He swings…
Ella: Mothers, lock your daughters in,
It’s too late to talk to them,
Cause Tony Rome is out, yep, and about,
And Tony Rome will get them,
If you don’t watch out.
Tony Rome will get them
If you don’t watch out.
Frank: “Yeah, I’m going to grab them,
If you don’t watch out!”

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