Frank’s Song

Writer(s): Britt
Sung by Steve Blackwood in DVD “Sinatra Sings His Best”
and opening and closing the DVD Series “Sinatra: They Were Very Good Years”

Well, I hope you like my story ‘cause it’s true,
All the years of love and glory that I knew,
Chicago, New York and Las Vegas,
Hollywood, Hoboken too,
The world out there is my oyster,
And I owe it all to you.
Now here’s to the ladies always sweet and true,
And here’s to my buddies, Dean and Sammy too.
Let’s all have a party
Great, big swinging party
Ring a ding ding, a ding ding
O-oh yeah!
(musical interlude)
Now I hope I made you happy with this song.
Let’s get together, swinging all night long.
I’ll just come to your town,
Any town is my town,
Ring a ding ding a ding ding,
Do be do do be do do
Ring a ding ding a ding ding
O-oh yeah, O-oh yeah, O-oh yeah, O-oh yah,

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