Don Daniel Maramba, by E. Tagle, 1966

PANGASINAN FOLIO: Don Daniel, the province, his contemporaries

I. Pangasinan 1801-1900: The Beginnings Of Modernization
II. Pangasinan 1901–1986, A Political, Socioeconomic, Cultural History
III. Letran educated more Filipino heroes than any other school
IV. The fall of Spain started with Mactan, ended in Manila Bay
V. Lucio promdi, and the young lady of 75
VI. Dr. Antonio Sison (an excerpt)
VII. Emilio Aguinaldo is the Father of Our Country!
VIII. Two great Filipino leaders both bastards
IX. The Ancestral Home (an excerpt)
X. A story of the Last Christmas (With apologies to O. Henry)
XI. I was an obnoxious piece of shit like Will Hunting
XII. Pangasinan aspires to be Queen of the North
XIII. Ateneo HS ‘40: Gathering of the Eagles
XIV. I wonder who’s kissing her now
XV. Born when men first dreamed of God
XVI. Dear Father Tony de Castro (e-mail to a Jesuit in Rome)
XVII. How the family became landless
XVIII. Unwashed, unlettered, he had P4 billion in the bank
XIX. Reprise: To be old and to remember
XX. Concepcion G. Maramba Henares, may she rest in peace!
XXI. O Lola, Mahal Kita, a tribute to Dońa Pelagia Garcia de Maramba
XXII. Carlos Quirino: Quezon in his birthday suit
XXIII. Moment Of Decision, a play about Dońa Pelagia Maramba
XXIV. Bathrooms Of The World
XXV. Maramba-Primicias Feud
XXVI. The Astonishing Origins of the Maramba Clan – Africa to Asia