Don Daniel Maramba, by E. Tagle, 1966

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 The Grand Old Man Of Pangasinan 1870 – 1941 by Edith Perez de Tagle

CHAPTER I: The Early Years: his feet never touched the ground
CHAPTER II: Student Days: the Lothario falls for the shy violet
CHAPTER III: Marriage: “I can accept your offer of love”
CHAPTER IV: Death of the First Born: embracing the grave to keep him warm
CHAPTER V: The First Blow For Freedom: declaration of independence
CHAPTER VI. From Gambler To Prisoner Of War
CHAPTER VII. Consolidating the Properties; clearing the forest at Bigol
CHAPTER VIII. Bringing Up The Children: lost in a storm
CHAPTER IX. As Mayor, Taking Up The Cause Of the Downtrodden
CHAPTER X. Gubernatorial Campaign: through bad roads and cow-paths
CHAPTER XI. As Governor: building the Capitol, schools and roads
CHAPTER XII. The Golden Years: solving the national rice crisis
CHAPTER XIII. Honest, Generous And Proud To Be A Filipino
CHAPTER XIV. A Caring Father, A Loving Husband
CHAPTER XV. Daniel Seeks Re-Election: his wife leaves him
CHAPTER XVI. Chairman Of All Governors: predicts Roxas presidency
CHAPTER XVII. Pangasinan’s Wedding Of The Year: Conching, Felix wed
CHAPTER XVIII. Sick Of Tuberculosis: Daniel loses election
CHAPTER XIX. Daniel Sells Hda. Bigol: moves to Manaoag farm
CHAPTER XX. Elected To Congress: Quezon grants his wish
CHAPTER XXI. In Congress: fights the Sugar Bloc, authors Defense Act
CHAPTER XXII. Moving To Pasay City: Quezon reconciles with Aguinaldo
CHAPTER XXIII. Death In The Shadow Of War
CHAPTER XXIV. Lingering Memories: there was a halo on the moon that night