Book 9: Give and Take

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Give and Take

Make My Day - Book 9

ISBN: 978-1499342840

About This Book

This book reveals one of the most interesting facets of Larry Henares’ talents and inclinations.  He is what his readers call “a traitor to his class.”  A retired businessman and public servant with a talent for making money and an inclination to serve the least of his brethren, he now turns around to expose the venalities of his former associates, friends and relatives in business and government, decrying the conspiracies that betray the people’s trust.  For a long time, Henares took over the front pages of the most popular sheet at the time, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and made them the instrument of his crusade against graft and corruption, sparing no tycoon or taipan, not even friends and relatives.  No more of his usual rib-tickling humor.  His was the no-nonsense expose, with an expertise that was born of his being an engineer, an economist, a businessman, a math whiz and a cogent logical writer.  And headlines that shook the public conscience and forced the Cory government to act on the anomalies of the times.

He writes of the Ogre that never dies, so much quoted as a true phenomenon of our times; of the Debt-Equity Swap and Re-lending Schemes that enriched the rich and impoverished our government.  He writes of the Steel Industry of which he himself was a pioneer, and the betrayal that broke the back of our Industrialization program.  He writes of how Lopez took over Meralco; how Cojuangco bled the telephone monopoly; how Emil Yap took over and ran the Bulletin; and the PAL building scam.  All in such exquisite detail, understandable to the ordinary reader and to the top expert, as only a Larry Henares can do in fearless give-and-take.