Book 8: Light and Shadow

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Light and Shadow

Make My Day - Book 8

ISBN: 978-1499287110

About This Book

In this eighth book of Larry Henares Jr., engineer, economist, essayist, businessman, educator, public servant, TV and radio commentator, writes of the forgotten ethnic minorities of our land, the remnants of the Conquistadores of Spain and of the Celestial Dragons of China.  He points out that Imperial Spain suffered its first (Mactan) and final defeat (Battle of Manila Bay) in the Philippines, and was only resurrected when Bea Zobel and her group occupied Malacañang and exiled President Cory to her Guest House office and to her Arlegui residence.

In his wacky world, the late Louie Beltran libeled Cory and her bed out of pure envy because His Immensity had to be resigned to sleep on a cement slab; and Teddyboy Locsin’s dirty finger assumed the proportions of a work of art.  A negro tormentor of Gretchen Barretto sweats mud, and the most maligned Frank Chavez assumes the role of Queen’s Musketeer, Knight errant, and Roman Tribune.

But Larry also writes lovingly of the role of the Virgin Mary in a complex world, and seriously about the travails of Father Teban who left the controversial Opus Dei.  Of Marshall MacLuhan’s The Medium is the Message.  Of his investigation into the love child of hero Antonio Luna and Ysidra Cojuangco, as he traveled along the Road of Destiny.  Of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake ballet, the foul smells of the human body and the social lions of Africa.

He recounts how his childhood friend General Igno Ramos won the presidential elections of 1992 against Monching Me-trapo, Crocodile Dundeeng Cojuangco and Brendamaged Ritarded Maid Miriam.  And to round off his obvious Roman Catholicity, he sportingly gives the Devil a chance to say his piece about his fight with God, most revealing to those exposed to one-sided propaganda.

He may disguise the Truth under many masks, but he never abandons his relentless logic and his outrageous sense of humor.  Reading this book, the reader will realize why Hilarion Daniel Guillermo Mateo Henares y Maramba, el Hijo, is the most controversial and most widely read opinion-maker in the Philippines.