Book 7: Tough and Tender

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Tough and Tender

Make My Day - Book 7

ISBN: 978-1499265750

About This Book

Larry Henares who is an engineer and economist from the prestigious MIT, is also a highly literate man who read a book a day for a period of seven years, and made Hollywood-type home movies of his children (20 years before Bugsy Malone was filmed) that are both profound and child — like: a story of Man from the beginning to the end of the world (Original Sin) — invasion from the stars (The Stargazer) with a surprise ending — a man with eyes in the country of the blind — and of a fortune-prone man who became the president of the world (Atom the Great, antedating Forrest Gump by almost 40 year).  And he did all these before the Videocam was invented, and using 8 mm Kodachrome with a magnetic sound stripe.

As “the star in the theater of my mind,” he speaks of being the leading man in Broadway plays, even as he retold his favorite stories from the masters: Oscar Wilde, O Henry, Garcis Marquez and Franz Kafka.

And oh, what fun he has with Jesuit priest (a nomad in the desert of his mind), an American Embassy official (a flatfoot fogey with a floo floo) a beautiful dentist digging into his molar, a Press Secretary playing hardball, a businesswoman who looks like Shirley Temple and Mae West, and our own local Sparkle Plenty.

And the usual commentary on the contemporary scene, on frats, on India without God, the life styles of the filthy rich and the infamous, Filipina yayas who rock the cradle and rule the world, of the tango of love betrayed, and a moving essay on Vesuvius, Krakatoa, Pinatubo and God in exile.