Book 5: Saints and Sinners

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Saints and Sinners

Make My Day - Book 5

ISBN: 978-1495465253

About This Book

A religious man educated by the Jesuits, Larry Henares is fascinated by the God of men and the men of God, and with a wit and wisdom that passeth all understanding, posits how shit drove men to populate the earth and enlarge their brains.  With incisive humor, he narrates how religious conflicts started with the Father Principle espoused by the Jews, Christians and Muslims and how Our Lady is bringing the world back to the tolerance and understanding of the Mother-based religions of ancient times.

He writes of the Donation of Constantine, the greatest forgery ever perpetrated in history, by the Popes no less, lasting 1,400 years and promoting the dominance of the Catholic faith, how Spanish Dominicans deliberately manufactured saints in the Philippines including eight Asian saints and one Filipino saint, Lorenzo Ruiz.

Then there are the hilarious accounts of the two Hounds of Heaven, Jesuit Father Kinik Bernas and Opus Dei numerary Bernie Villegas.  Then Henares turns serious and writes of the Liberation Theology document called The Road to Damascus – which for the first time celebrates a church that stands for the poor and the oppressed.

There are a couple of articles about the mysterious Opus Dei, one written by Henares with the assistance of a higher-up Opus Dei supernumerary, the other a series written by the protégé of Henares, a former Opus Dei priest who was number 6 in the local hierarchy of the Spanish dominated religious order, and is now Henares’ executive assistant in Malacañang, and producer of his television show, Make My Day Live.