Book 24: Salvation and Damnation

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Salvation and Damnation

Make My Day - Book 24

ISBN: 978-1502745507

About This Book

Originally, Larry Henares planned a 24-volume series of his Make My Day columns and broadcasts.  This was scheduled to be finished by the time Henares reached his 80th birthday, in time for his resignation from the human race.  This would make this 24th book, “Salvation and Damnation” the last of the series.

But this may not yet be the end.  Larry Henares has reached the ripe old of 81 years, going on 82, but the old ticker is ticking still, despite a life-long bout with high blood pressure and diabetes.  Thanks to his doctors, Lynn Rivera, cardiologist, and May Sison, endocrinologist, and the care of yayas Angelique Castillo and Miriam Zaragoza, as well as his secretary Flory Suaverdez (who stayed with him for the last 46 years), Larry Henares finds himself very much in the pink of health, with a consistent blood pressure of 120/80, blood sugar of 104 mg/dl, and an active love life – as though he is still a teen-ager.  On the eve of his annual executive check-up, he hopes that no cancer cells will have invaded his body, and that he can still continue his writings and broadcasts up to the age of 87, at which age, according to the Bureau of Census and Statistics, he should be kicking the bucket and pushing up daisies from six feet under.

In this 24th book, there is a hilarious foreword by his son-in-law Eric Angeles that has assumed the shape of a classic among “introductions of guest speakers,” in the Rotary circuit.  Henares has not lost his touch.  He can still make you laugh (about fried eggs, about Salud in an elevator, about Shorty whose brains are too close to his asshole, about Bruja, the bride of Frankenstein, about Small Dick and Needle Dick).  He can make you cry with the angels, with his pieces on the sweetest sound, the lost wallet, the Miracle of the Song.  And he can make you think and act and be angry.

Three times he becomes really serious in this book, (1) when he talks of a Revolution, a historical necessity he may not be around to witness; (2) when he writes about the Constitution which is being changed to fit the ambitions of evil men; and (3) when he fulminates against Milk Companies and how The Unholy Trinity, God the Father, God the Daughter and God the Holy Skeleton, won the war to protect Filipino infants from these baby-killers.  Read on.