Book 22: Angel and Devil

Foreword by Don Salvador Araneta
Secretary of the Department of Economic Coordination
President of the Araneta University

Araneta University hereby honors

H I L A R I O N   M.   H E N A R E S,  J R.

            For outstanding contribution to the national welfare as an educator, entrepreneur, write civic leader, economist, devoted public servant, and a nationalist.

            As an educator, and first Dean of the Graduate School of Management Engineering of Feati University, he responsible for organizing the course and bringing into the country the modern concept of motion study in factory operations, other concepts of scientific business management, and for training students in what was at that time a new line in advance engineering education, and giving the country successful business engineering executives.

            As an entrepreneur, he has contributed with his distinguished father in the establishment of an integrated paint industry and of a complex of manufacturing enterprises engaged in the production of chemicals and school supplies.  By the managerial ability which he has contributed to these enterprises, he has brought into operation business management of the highest order, which has served as an inspiration for others to follow.

            As writer and civic leader, he has contributed to the idealization of the cause of Filipino entrepreneurship, provoked national thinking on issues which today “agitate the national spirit”, and given substantive direction to economic thinking in this country.

            As economist and public servant, in his capability as Chairman of the National Economic Council, he has institutionalized the rapport and continuing dialogue between private business and government as necessary condition to the formulation of public policies, and steered the highest economic agency of government into the formulation of economic policies which would place the Filipino in a dominant position over his country’s economic affairs.

            As a nationalist, Chairman Henares has infused nationalism into government policies, and has given to the Filipino entrepreneur a philosophy and direction which relates his mundane endeavors to the highest interest of his country, of his government, and of his people.

            Therefore, Araneta University, upon recommendation of its Academic Council, hereby confers upon Hilarion M. Henares, Jr. this 15th day of May, nineteen hundred and sixty-five, A.D., the degree of Doctor of Economics, Honoris Causa.