Book 20: Trash and Treasures

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Trash and Treasures

Make My Day - Book 20

ISBN: 978-1502710079

About This Book

The column Make My Day, Larry Henares says, is a morality play with its own sets of villains and heroes.  Here in this book he elaborates.

Among the heroes are the nationalists, the liberals and the industrialists, such as: Elena Lim, the intrepid pioneer and lady entrepreneur;  George Canseco, the nationalist and romantic song-writer who has captured the heart of the nation; Anding Roces, Secretary of Education, who recovered the stolen Rizal masterpieces, Mi Ultimo Adios, the Noli and the Fili; JV Cruz, his classmate, with whom he discovered the plagiarism of Carlos P. Romulo; and Jullie Daza, the vestal virgin who throws flowers to the moon.

Among the villains of Larry Henares’ Make My Day are colonial Technoquacks who spout gobble-de-gook to confuse and not to enlighten; the thieving Spanish Ambassador; the CIA agent Prosterman, sent here to prostitute our land Reform program, the multinational corporations and all the foreign agencies who prostitute our nationalist economic program – to which Henares devotes a full 10-part series, written for the government’s Technology Resource Center.

He writes of the dying movie industry, the vibrant genius of the Filipino race; demise of the high and the mighty; and of a 6-part series on Eternal Russia; the fruit of an official delegation sent by President Marcos to negotiate a trade and friendship treaty with the Soviets.  He writes of the lessons for Independence Day.  Will Socialism survive? Larry asks, in the wake of the collapse of the mighty Soviet Communist monolith.  And lastly he tells of the limits of Taxation, which if unchecked may lead to the bankruptcy and death of our nation.