Book 19: Beggar and King

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Beggar and King

Make My Day - Book 19

ISBN: 978-1502599902

About This Book

At the age of 78 in 2003 AD, Larry Henares muses that “to have lived in these historic times during the last three quarters of the 20th century, borne along the tremendous tide of changes that boggle the mind, is a privilege beyond compare.”  Indeed Larry has been in the forefront of the development of recording from 78 rpm to the CD, from wire to tape recorders, from paper to hard discs; of telephones from operator to Pulse System to Touch Tone, from wires to fiber glass to wireless packets; of photography from silver oxide to Kodachrome to digital imaging.  Using his knowledge of these fields, he accumulated a store of knowledge, experience and original insights with which he clarifies a complicated world for his readers.  He has seen his country’s time of nationalism with its demand for “immediate, total and absolute independence from the United States, to its time of treason and shameful surrender to the forces of colonialism, McCarthyism, the CIA and the IMF.  He has seen his second country America through its oppression of the blacks and the Indians, its World War II to end all wars, its Korean and Vietnam police actions — its progress “from barbarism to decadence without going through the process of being civilized.”  He has witnessed the change in his Catholic Church from Pope Pius XI to Pope John XXIII to Pope John Paul II and the Opus Dei.

In this 19th book of this monumental series Make My Day, aside from roasting columnist Joe Guevara and public servant Tom Alcantara, Larry Henares turns serious and scholarly.  First he serves a 4-part series on the evolution of the Philippine Power elite, from its incubation in the campus of Ateneo de Manila to its incursion into the corridors of power, without responsibility to the people and without accountability for its actions.  Then he offers the startling 7-part Saga of the Origins of the Maramba Clan of which he is a part, ushering his readers from the original home of the human race in Africa to the reaches of Indonesia, New Guinea and the Philippines, through Tibet, Brazil, Germany, Russia, even in the world of fiction, where the Marambas left their imprints throughout the centuries; and he calls the Maramba clan the oldest nobility in the world.  Then he tackles the great divide between Nestle and the breast milk advocates in 7 parts.  But his greatest tome in this book is his two studies on the Opus Dei – starting from the canonization of Jose Escriva de Balaguer, he echoes the concerns of all churchmen of liberal persuasion about the secrecy, totalitarianism, the greed and materialism of the Opus Dei and its bending the Church rules to force the sainthood of their unworthy leader; then citing the history of the Knights Templar, he explores the possibility of the Opus Dei take-over of the Catholic Church with an Opus Dei for a Pope, and the emergence of the Anti Christ in the end days as foretold in the Bible.

He ends the book with a scholarly treatise on the role of the foreign multi-national corporations in the economic history of the Philippines, solicited by and written for the government’s Technology Resource Center’s book ““Multinational Corporations in the Philippines,” edited by Wilfredo Clemente Jr. — a book which was not published upon pressure from the American Chamber of Commerce and the American Embassy on the TRC head named Alvendia.  Phony golddigger Charles MacDougall was the hired publicity agent who put the pressure on, with the help of Emmanuel Soriano, bald Palace assistant for National Security.

Read on, and learn, and weep.