Book 16: Kiss and Bite

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Kiss and Bite

Make My Day - Book 16

ISBN: 978-1502575340

About This Book

In this 16th volume of the Make My Day Book series, Larry Henares continues to explore the human condition with his observations of history and commentaries on the contemporary scene.  He shows his expertise on his favorite American, having read and enjoyed all the four volumes of Carl Sandburg Lincoln biography as a teenager – and it shows in his essay on the battle of Gettysburg, the turning point of the American Civil War.  His Philippine Centennial Series in the ISYU opinion newspaper, which included 9-part series on Aguinaldo and a 16-part comprehensive and monumental history of the Filipino people, is represented in this volume by a series on the Philippine American War and a series on the Malolos Convention which produced the first Constitution in all of Asia.  Convention.  He rounds it out with insightful observations on the presidential elections of 1992 and 1998.

But his expertise as an engineer schooled in business administration shows in his essays on the Organization Man, and on the dangers of leaded gasoline and the viability of nuclear power plants.  Then again his series on two most controversial characters in Philippine history – Harry Stonehill, a GI turned tycoon, who was thrown out of the country for corrupting the officialdom – and Danding Cojuangco (a cousin of his wife), a supporter of Marcos and Erap Estrada, known in the business world as PACMAN and Crocodile Dundeeing, and lusting to be President of the Philippines.

Lastly, there is his last desperate call for Nationalism, a heart-tugging essay on why “lost causes are the only causes worth dying for.”