Book 14: Touch and Go

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Touch and Go

Make My Day - Book 14

ISBN: 978-1502562074

About This Book

Just like the previous 13th book, this 14th book of the Make My Day Series “Touch and Go” concerns itself with Personalities and Perspectives.

The first part includes an essay on Senator Raul Manglapus, the quintessential Atenean and his rivalry with Senator Pelaez; historian Carlos Quirino, his encounter with President Manuel Quezon in the nude, and his bid to be recognized as a National Artist; and Mayor Alfredo Lim and his bid for the Presidency.  You will laugh at his description of the most miserly family in the Philippines; whose toilets are used five times before being flushed to save on water, whose members do not give Christmas gifts to each other, and fight to the death to retrieve pennies dropped on the pavement.  And of course, Jaime Zobel who sued Henares for P240 million, the biggest claim for damages in Philippine jurisprudence.

And hilarious accounts of Larry’s experiences with the Customs and Claude Wilson who got caught bringing in dutiable goods like electronic appliances, cigarettes and liquor; Ramon Diaz, whom he called Raymond THE Ass; Jojo Binay who should be glad he is not as tall and conspicuous as Victor Lim; Nikki Coseteng and Col. Maganto who beheads students; General Singlaub who plots Vietnam type operations in the Philippines; the homosexuals of Dasmariñas Village; and the Arab terrorist of San Lorenzo Village.

The second part, Perspectives, features a 17-part series on How To Serve The Americans by the Council of Trent, the Makati Business Club, and the Four Horsemen of the ConComm.  It also features a hilarious account of the “apotropaic rites” of the Press Gridiron Night; and a commencement speech to end all commencement speeches, telling of the three levels of genius, and giving a picture of the Philippines 100 years hence.  Lastly a hilarious piece on sexual harassment and the mating game; and a serious one on the Holy Wars that plague the world.

Henares is a unique writer who can make you cry, and laugh, and get mad at the same time.