Book 11: Cash and Credits

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Cash and Credits

Make My Day - Book 11

ISBN: 978-1502490780

About This Book

In this book, the eleventh book of essays culled from Larry Henares’ Make My Day columns, we find Larry back to his old habit of making fun of the high and the mighty.  His first article written about the incarceration of his friend Jose Concepcion Jr. is a masterpiece of satire, in which Joe is depicted as a surrogate of God, who does not pay his taxes because God does not, who is in the flour business to give us our daily bread, who can, like God, be in two places at the same time because he has a twin named Raul, and who claims that he and his brother have only 2/3 of God’s power, because they are only the Dynamic Duo, not the Holy Trinity (“Sayang, we were not born triplets, otherwise… ” he regretfully said.).

The second essay is even funnier.  It’s about the quarrelsome Ongpin brothers and the siopao that both wanted and could not eat because each spat on it to keep the other from eating it.  This, according to Henares started a sibling rivalry that kept them in a daily boxing match at the back seat of the car bringing them to school, and eventually as they advanced in their careers moved them to ignite the public controversies that led to the fall of Marcos and the derailment of our industrialization program.

These and many more:  an essay on the two strong men of the Martial Law era, Cesar Virata the Sunshine Boy and Kokoy Romualdez the Midnight Cowboy, and why the latter is a more effective negotiator (“we do not need a goodie-goodie, we need a rascal to deal with rascals on the other side.”); and among others an essay on the origin of money and the national economy, which is considered by many people as the definitive work explaining the financial and economic world we live in.

Enjoy and be welcomed into the company of an educated man.