Book 10: To Be or Not To Be

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To Be or Not To Be

Make My Day - Book 10

ISBN: 978-1499359121

About This Book

In this the tenth book of the Make My Day series, we find another aspect of the author’s multi-sided personality.  An engineer and economist with a talent for mathematics, a poet and essayist with a talent for the communications arts, a businessman with the talent for making money – a Renaissance Man with the two sides of his brain equally developed and an IQ of 170 – he is also a lover of books, music and performance arts.

In this book, Henares displays his love of the stage, of Shakespeare, and the musicals of Broadway.  Here he writes of the Shakespeare in his life, “exploring the splendor and the meanness of the human spirit, the towering heights to which it can ascend, and the miry depths to which it can sink”; Julius Caesar, the shortest and most perfectly constructed of Shakespeare’s plays; Romeo and Juliet, romantic Tragedy of Fate; and Hamlet, the complex Tragedy of Character.

Here in this book he relates the stories of his favorite musical plays – Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon and Cats – including the full libretto of lyrics so that his readers may assume the role of bathroom tenors and sopranos singing in the shower along with the CDs.  He added the romantic story of Cyrano who had an ugly nose and a big heart, and The Miracle Worker, the inspiring story of the blind and deaf Helen Keller and her blind teacher.

He completes the volume with brilliant and incisive essays on Philippine History for those who flunked the course; on Rats, man’s rival for the mastery of the earth; on why men of talent wear a woman’s gown; the Philippine Statehood Movement; the dilemma of the Last Filipino; and Emilio Aguinaldo, the Father of our country.