Hilarion “Larry” M. Henares, Jr.

About the Author, in short:

Hilarion M. Henares Jr., known as Larry Henares, is a graduate of Ateneo de Manila, University of the Philippines, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an engineer, economist, educator, big businessman, writer, civic leader, public servant, and hobbyist (guns, books, amateur radio and electronics).

He is a film maker who won the Famas Academy Award for the Best Documentary of the Year. He was a businessman who was awarded Young Businessman of the Year, and the Industrialist of the Year by the Business Writers Association. He was an educator who was dean of two graduate schools before the age of 25. He became the President of the Philippine Chamber of Industries, and a member of the Presidential Cabinet as the Chairman of the National Economic Council. He is a writer known for his essays on economics, history, art and culture, a front page columnist in the pre-martial law Manila Times and the most widely read column in the Philippines, according to all surveys, the daily “Make my Day” in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, after the EDSA revolt. He wrote daily commentaries in many Philippine newspapers until he resigned in 2000, to take up his duties as Presidential Consultant on National Affairs to Philippine Presidents, Fidel V. Ramos and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Carlos P. Romulo once said that Henares did not spend his life climbing to the peak of one career, he jumped from peak to peak in many differentfields. Indeed Henares is a modern Renaissance Man whose breadth of knowledge, experience and culture can only be surmised with the reading of his essays included in this book, already famous for their literacy, perspicacity, wit, humor, Nationalism, and deep sense of humanity.